About Our Datacenter

The only Tonga Based Datacenter with an offshore mirrored site. The servers are located inside the Fibre Cable Station as one of the best connectivity sites in Tonga, with the solely link to the international connectivity gateway - Tonga Cable Limited.


Security is assured by 24/7 patrol, video surveillance and alarm monitoring, as well as locked server cabinets and controlled swipe card access for authorised staff only. The staff have 24/7 access to the datacentre facility, which provides us a greater amount of control than smaller web hosting companies.


Our network is run on enterprise grade Cisco and Alcatel hardware, meaning that your websites load fast, without any worry about bottlenecks and congestion. We guarantee our network uptime at 99.9% SLA so you have peace of mind and can rest assured knowing that your websites and servers are run on a reliable and efficient network.

Power Systems

In the unlikely event of a power outage, our data centre holds backup power systems, including online UPS and on-site battery banks which keep our servers running. We have an on-site diesel generator with SLA diesel supply which turns on when there is no power.


We understands that connectivity is an important factor for a fast, reliable network. Our data centre has several backbone connections to the internet, through our international Fibre cable as well as peering with Vocus Australia at EQUINIX Datacenter. Connectivity to these providers are made possible by fibre optic cable, ethernet, and ATM technologies.

Environmental controls

The Data Centre environment is controlled by redundant indoor climate control systems that maintain an ambient temperature of 19 (+/- 1 deg) Celsius.  We utilise hot and cold aisles, designed to drastically improve airflow between server racks.

Fire Detection

The Data Centre utilises VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) system which detects particles of smoke early before it can be detected by the human eye, as well as concrete floors, walls, and ceilings to ensure fire protection.